Agriculture Cost Share Program (ACSP)

Agriculture Cost Share ProgramThe District has participated in the North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program (NCACSP) program since 1987. It has been a superb means of helping farmers and owners of agricultural land apply conservation measures to assist in protecting our waterways and the environment.

This is a voluntary, cost share-based program offering financial and technical assistance for the installation of best management practices to address nonpoint source pollution. The North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program is successful in improving and protecting the state's resources through the grassroots efforts of your local soil and water conservation district. Local districts work with agricultural landowners and renters to:

  • Identify best management practices, or BMPs, suited to your operation
  • Develop and approve individual conservation plans
  • Design and oversee installation of best management practices
  • Provide technical assistance to ensure proper operation and maintenance

The North Carolina Division of Soil and Water Conservation provides technical and administrative assistance to districts, gives final approval to cost share contracts, and processes payment requests to farmers participating in the program.

More Information

Contact the Beaufort Soil and Water Conservation District's office at 252-946-4989 for additional information and how to apply for assistance.