Animal Services

Animal Control BuildingBeaufort County Animal Services is a department available to the citizens in regards to domestic animal issues.

Animal Services entails population management and well being through the use of Field Officers, Office staff, and the Animal Shelter located on Highway 264. Our current facility has 28 dog runs and 49 cat cages. Animal Services Officers are responsible for the enforcement of State Animal Laws and Local Ordinances.

Our goals are to create partnerships within the community in order to promote responsible pet ownership, decrease the overpopulation of domestic pets through spay/neuter programs, and to place adoptable animals in good homes.

Pet Adoptions

Beaufort County Animal Services offers pet adoptions. Pets can help improve your health- not to mention giving a great home to a pet in need.

Are you ready to adopt at pet now? Here are some things to consider:

  • If in an apartment, are you allowed to have a pet in your home? Check the Rescue Partner Guide (PDF) for a complete listing.
  • Are you aware of your local animal control laws? Some communities have strict leash laws and limit the number of pets you may own. Some communities require licenses for pets. Be informed.
  • Is anyone in your household allergic to animals? If so, how will you handle this?
  • Have you thought about how an animal may affect your lifestyle? If your lifestyle changes, what will you do with your pet?
  • Be sure to select an animal that fits your schedule and exercise routine. Be aware of the time needed to care for a pet.
  • Have you considered adoption of an older pet? Some older pets are more suitable, calmer and may be housebroken.
  • Do you have supplies for a new pet? Can you make a financial commitment to a new pet for the next 10 to 20 years? Are you willing to make an emotional commitment to a new pet? Will the pet be a member of the family?
  • Do you have a veterinarian? If not, you will need to choose one to provide future medical care for your new pet.

For more information concerning Adoptions, lost pets, spay, neuter, volunteer programs, local ordinances, or local veterinarians, visit the Beaufort County Petango website.

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