2025 Property Tax Revaluation

General Information

North Carolina General Statutes require that all NC. counties reappraise real properties at least once every eight years. The statutes also provide that counties may revalue on a more frequent basis upon adoption of a resolution by the County Board of Commissioners. In 2022 the Beaufort County Commissioners voted to affirm 2025 as their next revaluation and then proceed to a 6-year cycle thereafter. 

For the 2025 Revaluation, the county has contracted with Vincent Valuations. Vincent Valuations is a North Carolina Appraisal company with a sizable list of counties they have worked with to provide Revaluation Services. The staff of Vincent Valuations, as well as county staff, will begin measuring property throughout the county, beginning in July of 2022 in an effort to correct any listing errors or update any changes since the last revaluation. 



The statutes require that all property, real and personal, be valued at market or retail value. Since personal property is valued at market value every year, periodic revaluations of real property are necessary to minimize inequities that develop in the tax base over time. Inequities also develop within property classifications. For example, values of properties located on or near the water have historically changed much faster than inland properties.

 The revaluation serves to level the playing field and equalize the tax burden according to market value as required by the statutes.

Facts and common questions about the revaluation process can be found to the left, under the Revaluation FAQ